There is always a fretting on and about the bigger bellies and their issues. The stubborn fat around the lower belly is a sign of depression on its own.
Well, yes folks this is the agenda today to let you get rid of this stubborn belly fat and let you gain that fit and healthy body that you desire. Your job has been made easier by telling you about the various exercises that might help you get along with that.
1. The first suggestive exercise is the ‘drop 2 inches in 4 weeks’ constructed by ‘Body by Bettheny’ well, these are the moves to try to get rid of To 2 inches in just 4 weeks. There are three moves in this exercise which revolve around 20- high-intensity intervals, 45 minutes of moderate intensity, 3 times a week. It is also followed by cardio 2 times per week. This here surely helps reduce that stubborn belly fat!
2. Plank! Yes, that’s another exercise that is suggested. It requires kneeling on the mat with hands under the shoulders. Stretching the legs in plank position, engaging the abs. keep repeating the planks and keep pressing your hands firmly on the ground.
Hold down there for a minute or two and then drop to the all four position. 3 reps of this exercise are suggested. This is another exercise that is workable for the flat stomach you want!
3. Side planks are another way to get the desired fitness exercise that leads ways to flat tummy. It is like plank but it keeps the torso up in the sir, sideways. It revolves around playing and pressing of the entire torso from left to right. This Exercise should be maintained in 3 reps.
4. For getting rid of that belly pooch. One must perform this exercise, knees bent, feet flat on a mat, and hands on the ground. Leaning the upper body back and lifting the legs so that the body takes the shape of a V.  Now the role is the stretching of arms .What is required next is the tightening of lower-ab muscles while keeping the shoulders relaxed. This should be held for 5 breaths, then the lowering of the legs. Making 3 reps is essential for this exercise to work out!
5. Another exercise for the flat tummy is the piking and the extending. This includes target areas like the abs and the legs of the body. First comes the Lying on mat with legs extended over the hips. The arms should be kept over the head. Then one must do crunching of the body while making the hands reach towards the feet. Next comes the repeating of the same procedure in a reverse order. Do 20 reps for this exercise to make the stubborn fat burn down.
6. Standing side crunch is another exercise to flat tummy! In this one has to stand on the right leg, the right arm extended out to side at shoulder height, left foot to be lifted a few inches off floor to the side. Placing left hand behind head, elbow bent out to side at shoulder level, then lift left knee toward left elbow. The same should be observed for the other side but in reverse. This exercise should make 15 reps.
7. Lunge and twist. Yes, this works out for the burning of that Excess belly Fat you want to get rid of!
So, here are the exercises that will help you keep off that excessive belly fat and get you a slim tone body that you desire of.
Our Job here is to provide you with the best of the tips and your job there is to grab the best out of them. Wish you luck with that stubborn area. Happy Exercising!

There are many effective ways to reduce your size by one or even more without involvement of any kind of exercise or giving up food intake.
Normally a lot of exercise is required to reduce weight. You have to not only discipline yourself but also sweat a lot. Incase you consider this a bit too much and beyond you, do not be discouraged as there are many simple ways to ensure that the kilos drop and the weighing scale gives a better reading. All you have to do this to apply these 10 small tricks daily.
Take a glass of water before each meal
This will enable you to stay hydrated and the feeling of fullness will come in immediately and hold you back from over eating.
Depend on simple swaps
You must opt for less heavy dressing avoiding vinaigrette. Choose the Green Goddess dressing in the course of your lunch. This will save eighty extra calories. An other choice is to seek fresh fruit instead of the dried one. In this way more calories can be further saved.
Opt for a Dark Chocolate as Dessert
Do not eat cookies during breaks. In place of cookies take a piece of Dark Chocolate. This may not be too appropriate to the taste and you might feel dis satisfied in the beginning. What is essential is that you give up the sugar taste which will help you to save a lot of calories and the trend will be health oriented.
It is necessary to be careful about size of portion
Since your priority is to lose weight, it is important that in each meal you are able to eat the correct portions. Before you take your meal or snacks, it would be vise smaller plates and fill them with much less quantity. Further it is advisable to avoid second helpings.
More activity is required
Even though you may not be giving proper time to a regular routine workout, it is possible to burn extra calories through more movement during the day. You can always move around the office more, you can also use the stairs rather than the escalator and another important habit that needs to be developed is that you park the car at a distance from the office entrance.
Avoid juices and drinks
Juices and drinks enable you to add up calories and although you are otherwise making an effort, the results are not there. So you must give up the daily cold drink, early morning juice or even the hot drink at dinner time. It is very necessary that you depend upon water which can the flavored with items like lemon, or mint.
Avoid staying hungry for a long time
It is necessary that you do not starve yourself. In this regard less hunger can be useful as then you are not tempted to eat heavily and there by sabotage your eating discipline. An other important aspect is that the meals must be properly timed.
Opt for High-Protein and High-Fiber Foods
You must avoid and keep yourself away from high calories item like chips and crackers and in their place go for foods that are rich in fiber and taste really good.
Dinner must be light
Dinner must be taken at least 3 hours before touching the bed. Do not eat heavily as eating too much will disturbed your digestion and bring forth sleep issues.
Sleep well and more
If you do not get enough sleep, that affects you adversely and compels you to eat more during the next day. The advice is that you must get a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night. This serves as an enabler to keep the target of your weight loss on the right line.

Blood sugar level is the amount of sugar present in the blood of an individual. It is essential to maintain a healthy blood sugar level because it is the primary source of energy to the cells of the body. If the blood sugar level goes both higher and lower than its normal range, it can cause serious health issues.

Every person whether healthy or sick, should definitely keep a check on their blood sugar level. Although, it fluctuates a little throughout the day, and is lowest early in the morning before the first meal; it is still recommended for blood sugar prevention to maintain it through diet instead of waiting for something wrong to happen.

Here are a few tips to maintain your blood sugar level through the day.

• Regular checkups
Even if you are perfectly healthy and you don’t have a diabetic history, you should get regular checkups at least twice a year. Going to a physician and getting yourself examined doesn’t mean that you are sick or prone to sickness. It is just essential to keep your health to the optimum level and help yourself maintaining it.

• Incorporate Natural sugar in your diet
Nature has produced so many blessings that we cannot imagine. The fruits and vegetables have a perfect amount of sugar in them, and the best part is that it is in the most beneficial form of sugar. Try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables on daily basis. They will help maintaining the blood sugar level in a healthy way.

Replace white sugar with brown sugar
White sugar is used extensively these days. All the sweets and desserts have white sugar in them. But the white sugar is a synthetic product and is harmful for the health. It increases the blood sugar level very quickly and then takes a lot of calories to come to the normal. However, brown sugar is a form of natural sugar and has a lot of health benefits other than maintaining your healthy blood sugar level. Brown sugar is very beneficial for blood sugar prevention. The deep effects of the brown sugar produce warmth and moisture in the body which helps you keep your skin fresh and stay away from many respiratory problems.

• Go for aerobics
Aerobics is the best activity to keep your blood sugar level within range. Make a habit of going for light aerobics like walk or jogging 2-3 times a week. It will not only keep your blood sugar level healthy but is also good for the other systems of the body.

• Avoid processed foods
Try to stay as close to nature as you can, as far as your dietary habits are concerned. This is a wonderful way for healthy blood sugar prevention. Avoid all kinds of processed foods and incorporate raw vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Use natural fat for cooking and keep yourself on your toes as much as possible.
Try these simple tips and keep your blood sugar level under control.

Do you know what food poisoning is? Food poisoning is quite a common disease happened to almost every one of us once or more during our lifetimes. The major cause of food poisoning is the unhygienic and improper handling of food. Food poisoning makes a person suffers through nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, flue, dizziness and diarrhea.
Food poisoning gets developed by the spread of harmful bacteria, mostly found upon the road side items. If you are a food lover and can’t stop yourself from eating golgappas, aloo chat or jalebis from a street stall, especially during rainy season, then you should get yourself prepared for becoming a victim of hazardous food poisoning.
The body loses its water content quite quickly in case of severe food poisoning. To avoid dehydration, one should consume maximum quantity of clear water and restrict himself from taking solid eatables. One suffering through food poisoning should hurriedly move to his kitchen for getting the best home remedies for food poisoning instead of rushing to doctors for alopathic medicines.
Natural treatments have always proved convenient and fast in action. To make you people familiar with the much needed natural treatments in case of food poisoning, we have come up with a list of essential home remedies for food poisoning: 
  • Ginger
Ginger is employed as a great home remedy for a number of diseases because of its powerful preventive and healing effects. Ginger holds superb nutrients essential for digestion and absorption. It offers a quick relief from nausea and vomiting. Ginger could be used in a number of ways. Ginger tea could reduce the effects of various symptoms. Ginger could also be taken in raw form.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works very well in the alleviation of food poisoning. With an extreme acidic nature, apple cider vinegar also holds an alkaline touch to get metabolized in body. It kills the bacteria entered in your body through your mouth, primarily causing food poisoning.

Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar can be used with a cup of hot water in order to get an instant relief. It can also be employed in diluted form from two to three tablespoons. 

  • Lemon
Lemon clutches the best antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. The acid present in the lemons kill the disease causing bacteria. One wishing to get an instant relief should use one teaspoon of lemon juice with a pinch of sugar. Drinking lemon juice in warm water also cleans out the system. 
  • Basil Leaves
Basil is an exceptional herb, ready to takes you away from the abdominal discomfort. The leaves excellently fight against the micro-organisms with its antimicrobial properties. Basil can be employed in many distinct ways:
Basil juice extracted out of basil leaves can be used in combination with one tablespoon of honey. You can also add coriander leaves juice to enhance its flavors as well as benefits.
Basil leaves kill the bacteria and reduce your stomach pain and many other problems. Eating few basil leaves in yogurt with a pinch of salt and black pepper could efficiently lessen the symptoms.

  • Garlic

Garlic holds antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Garlic utilization provides you relief from diarrhea and abdominal pain. Garlic with effective fighting features works very well against food poisoning. Fresh clove of garlic could be taken with water for instant relief. One could also try garlic juice if and only if he could tolerate its smell. 
  • Cumin
Cumin seeds consumption reduce inflammation and put a soothing effect over your abdomen. For an instant relief, one should boil one teaspoon of cumin seeds in one cup of water with one teaspoon coriander juice and a pinch of salt. The drink can be used two times a day to get rid of food poisoning. Herbal drink made with cumin seeds, salt and asafetida lessens the symptoms and cleans out the system.

  • Honey

Honey clutches a number of benefits. It holds antifungal and antibacterial properties best for the treatment of indigestion and various other symptoms related to food poisoning. Honey could be employed in pure form or even in tea. Honey is considered very effective for the healing an upset stomach if taken two to three times a day. Honey works as a controlling agent for the acid produced within stomach.

  • Fenugreek seeds and yogurt

Yogurt with its fabulous antimicrobial and antibacterial properties kills bacteria. While the fenugreek seeds treat abdominal discomfort. Fenugreek seeds taken in combination with a tablespoon of yogurt could give you an instant break from stomach pain and vomiting.
Hence, use any of the above mentioned home remedies and take yourself out of food poisoning while sitting at the comfort of your home.

Water can be categorised as the single most nourishment providing nutrient for humanity. It is essential to start the day through water intake and you can be assured of good health and vital energy.
Studies tell us that humans can survive a long stretch of five to seven weeks without food, but without water an average adult cannot last more than five days.
This simple knowledge is somehow not given due importance by a large section of the living population and they indulge in wrong practices like starting the morning with other drinks like coffee and tea which is just not recommended .Infact anything other than water is bad for general well being and healthy existence.

Necessity of early morning intake of water
System of our bodies requires water intake at the start of the day.In this regard it is Water that has great significance and value as is evident from following.
  • Our body comprises of 70 percent water.
  • The body muscles contain 75 percent water.
  • Brain cells comprise of 85 percent water.
  • Blood also has nearly 82 percent water.
  • The bones of the body also have water to the extent of 25 percent
From this one can realise and understand the importance of water for our healthy well being and act as advised.
Make it a practice to start the day with water.
  • It is beneficial to rise early,between 5 to 6 a.m.. Washing of face and mouth is not the first option
  • After getting up ,sit back comfortably and drink water. Four glasses of water intake are necessary
  • For those who are incapable of this quantity intake because of weak physique ,they can start with less quantity.For them one or two can suffice.

There is no need to worry about adverse affects of four water glasses intake .Infact researches highlight that this practice can revive your health and rid you of diseases.
Related Health benefits of drinking water every morning:
  • Water enhances the efficiency of immune system.
  • Water serves as a medication for ulcer and poor digestion health condition
  • Water even helps in getting rid of asthma and piles in a short time.
  • Water acts as a facilitating lubricant in the joint spaces and also keeps arthritis and back pain away
  • It is definitely a guard against occurence of cancer and kidney disorders.
A study of this post and reliance on the practice recommended will yield health benefits.It is natural cure to many unwanted diseases.Do not hesitate to share.

Energy Foods is fuel for every women. This data is a buzzword yet for the most part ladies take after an unscheduled eating regimen example including meager breakfast, rushed snacks and overstuffed suppers. This is certain to result in a slow state, unaccomplished undertakings and accordingly an awful day!
When talking about high energy foods that jump-start your day, almost everyone considers the quick list including high carbohydrate meals. Here we meet a big misconception. Carbohydrates no doubt are the quickest source of glucose that immediately gives energy when dissolved in blood but it absolutely doesn’t mean that they keep you going through the whole day long.


Diet and nutrition experts rather suggest to avoid instant sources of energy such as candy bars, soda and other sugary drinks as they immediately impart energy, which is short lived.
They break down very fast, and soon your body’s blood glucose level starts dropping again, making your energy level low. This is what makes high carbohydrate meals an inappropriate choice when talk of high energy foods.
You need steady and enduring high energy foods that jump-start your day and help retaining an adequate energy level throughout the day. So you need a balanced diet, containing adequate carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well. This is how you can get a steady output of energy to regulate your daily requirement. You should be well informed about the type of calories and their exact count you are taking in, when eating. There’s no harm consulting a dietitian and get a chart prepared.


Mostly, we successfully plan a balanced diet, covering all the nutrients but the time we take them is highly inappropriate and thus taking them remains a waste. A bad diet schedule means skipping meals, late or no breakfasts, hurried or fast food options for lunch, topped up with a big serving seven course dinner meal!!! A heavy dinner makes you feel tired and induces sleep disorders.
When we take high energy foods or heavy diet for dinner, we actually don’t need this energy as we don’t have to exert after dinners. Why take so much before going to bed?? when it’s not required rather adds strain to the digestive system.
What about taking high energy foods that jump-start your day very early in the morning? this fastens up your metabolism and thus you feel like working with a rejuvenated spirit.
Instead of taking three big meals, dietitians recommend to break the diet schedule into five smaller meals. A midnoon and an afternoon snacking can help restoring your energy level without letting it fall.
A proper and well maintained diet schedule is the ultimate solution that can keep you moving and manage your multi tasking every day. When planning or getting a prepared diet plan from dietitian, you need a consistent attitude towards your energy foods intake.

You need a right choice of food taken on the right time. In this connection, diet and nutrition experts recommend you to break down your daily ideal requirement of calories intake into three equal parts, leaving room for two snack meals.
These snack meals help topping up the energy level which might have fallen otherwise because of the long gaps in between the regular three meals. Thus your energy fixes up on an adequate level, keeping you work without any trouble.
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